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I Rewatched A Star Is Born And It’s Still Tragic, But Not In The Original Way I Thought
A Star is Born deals with dark topics and one of them stood out more when rewatching it.
I Wish I Could Have Been A Fly On The Wall When Barbie's Costume Director Was Spitting Lines At Ryan Gosling Like 'Pretty Paisley Palazzo Pants' On Set
The costume director on Barbie helped Ryan Gosling say the names of specific Barbie costumes while on set and I wish I was there to witness all the hilarity.
Johnny Depp’s Directing Gig With Al Pacino Has Begun, But When Will He Film Another Hollywood Movie?
Johnny Depp's directing gig on Modi has begun, but could we expect to see the man make another big ticket Hollywood picture in the future?
I Watched The Expendables For The First Time, And I Have No Idea How We Got To A Fourth Movie
The Expend4bles is struggling at the box office, and after deciding to watch the original for the first time, I'm not surprised.
Daniel Radcliffe Is Doing Fewer Movies These Days, But His Broadway Show Is Making A Ton Of Money
Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t been doing too many movies lately, but his Broadway show is a financial success.
Kerry Washington Reveals Scrapped Django Unchained Assault Scene, Explains Why She Thinks Quentin Tarantino Changed His Mind
Django Unchained's script included a "brutal" scene that Kerry Washington says was never filmed.
I Saw Early Footage Of Disney’s Wish, And Chris Pine Is About To Give Us The Most Delicious Disney Villain In Years
CinemaBlend saw around 30 minutes of Disney's latest musical Wish, and Chris Pine's villain character stole the show.
I Used To Love The Saw Movies. Why The Timeline Of Saw X Has Me So Happy As An OG Fan
Saw X pleases me with its placement on the series timeline, especially as a disillusioned OG fan.
Hunger Games Director Name Drops Characters That Could Get Their Own Movie, And I’m Sold
After The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, could more Hunger Games prequels come next?
As Hollywood Actors Strike Over A.I. Concerns, Matrix Actor Opens Up About What Happened To Him: ‘I Am An Eyewitness’
One Matrix star has a unique view on A.I. from his time working on the franchise, but maybe not how you think.