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Inside Out 2 Review: A New Flood Of Emotions Enhances One Of Pixar’s Best Ideas
Joy and the gang are here for us to feel all the feels, laugh at Pixar’s inventive pounding heart and appreciate an even deeper world that was established in the modern classic.
Robert Pattinson Is Teaming Up With Smile's Director To Remake A Cult Horror Movie, And I'm (Cautiously) Excited
Robert Pattinson chooses very interesting projects these days, and an upcoming horror movie has sparked a Hollywood bidding war.
Paramount's Head Honchos Sent A Long Letter After Losing Out On Skydance Merger: 'We Recognize That The Last Several Months Have Not Been Easy'
After the Paramount/Skydance merger failed to take place, the company's CEOs have spoken out about how they see the road ahead.
Glen Powell Really Waffled Over Taking Top: Gun Maverick, But Advice From Tom Cruise Brought Him Around: 'You Have To Sort Of Tell Yourself You're The Underdog'
Glen Powell debated whether or not to take his Top Gun: Maverick role until he got helpful advice from Tom Cruise.
I’m Pumped For Thanksgiving 2, But I Also Love The Way Eli Roth’s Horror Hit Is Returning This Fall
Thanksgiving 2 may still be in the works, but Eli Roth's horror hit will return this fall in a pleasantly surprising form.
Disney's Live-Action Moana Movie Has Cast Its Lead Actress And More To Join The Rock
The lead actress of Disney's live-action Moana remake has been revealed, and other key roles have been cast as well.
Inside Out 2 Has Screened For Critics, And Pixar’s Latest Exploration Of Emotions Is Another Hit For The Studio
Nine years after Inside Out's release, Inside Out 2 is about to premiere in theaters, and critics have shared their thoughts on the sequel.
Sorry Allan, Barbie’s Michael Cera Has All The Ken-ergy With Blonde Hair On The Red Carpet
Michael Cera debuts his bleach blonde hair on the red carpet, and it's giving off all the Ken-ergy.
The Reasons Dave Chappelle Has A No-Phone Policy at His Comedy Shows: ‘Not An Empowering Feeling As A Comedian'
Dave Chappelle's restriction of cell phones at a Kenya show made headlines. Now, we look back at the comedian's reason for the ban.
Rob Schneider Tears Into Will Smith’s Character And The Slap In New Viral Video
Rob Schneider shared some thoughts on Will Smith's Oscars slap and, as the viral video shows, he didn't mince words.