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Full DC FanDome Schedule Is Now Live So Start Planning Your Event

So much DC goodness, all in one place!

New LEGO Star Wars Special Promises A Change To The Luke Skywalker And Rey Relationship

Time for some more Star Wars!

Judd Apatow Swears That The Penis In Walk Hard Belongs To A Famous Director

In case you thought you'd never seen a major film director's penis before.

As Scott Pilgrim Turns 10, Edgar Wright Praises Brie Larson's Audition Swagger

Been awhile...

Edgar Wright Recalls Robert Pattinson’s ‘Intense’ Audition For Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

The Twilight actor wasn't exactly a great fit for the role -- but that doesn't mean he didn't make an impression.

Live Action Mulan Brings Back Christina Aguilera For Brand New Song, But What About ‘Reflection?’

The "Reflection" singer is back.

Looks Like The Batman May Not Have That Much Shooting Left To Do

Here's how much more filming The Batman needs to do.

9 Movie Sidekicks Who Are Greater Than The Hero

These sidekicks are just so much better than the heroes they're attached to.

5 Ways The Terminator Is Better Than Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Yes, T2: Judgment Day is the better film, but for my money, the first Terminator is the more interesting movie.

How Avengers: Endgame Tied In With Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. In Its Final Episode

It all connected for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for the last time.

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Project Power Fight Scenes Have Way Less VFX Than You Think

Yes, even the Elastic guy.

Scream’s David Arquette Takes ‘Full Responsibility’ For One Criticized Element Of The Franchise

Everybody makes mistakes -- unfortunately this one will be documented on film forever.

Seth Rogen Reveals Thoughts About Superbad 2 And Why He Thinks The Original Is Perfect

He's still McLovin' the comedy classic.

How The Terminator’s Time Travel Works

The Judgment Day you knew was coming is finally here.

Steven Spielberg And 7 Other Directors Who Could Have Directed A James Bond Movie, But Didn't

Oh, what could have been.

What’s Going On With Avatar And Other Hollywood Productions As New Zealand COVID-19 Cases Spike

Avatar 2 got rolling again in June, but these days New Zealand is dealing with a few cases of the novel coronavirus once more.

What To Watch On Streaming If You Like Joaquin Phoenix

If you love Joaquin Phoenix, here are a few movies you can stream now.

Following Iceman Rumors, Shia LaBeouf Fan Art Casts Him As Wolverine

Take a look, bub!

Looks Like One Jurassic World Character Might Not Return For Dominion After All

That would be unfortunate.

Midnight Sun: 10 Things We Learned From Edward's Perspective Of Twilight

Bite into all the gory details about Stephenie Meyer's Twilight followup.

What Going To The Movies Will Look Like Once AMC Reopens

Don't expect roaring laughter to echo through the auditorium...

Kevin Hart Reveals Training Progress One Year After His Horrible Car Accident

He's come a long way.

How Jimmy Fallon Made Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cry After Becoming A Dad Himself

Ok, this is adorable!

Wait, New Blumhouse Horror Movies Will Be Heading Straight To Streaming?

This should keep horror fans busy for a while.

The Suicide Squad Trailer And 7 Other Things We Hope Are Revealed At DC FanDome

Fingers crossed!

Cameron Diaz Is Finally On TikTok, And Yes, There's Wine Involved

Cameron Diaz has joined TikTok and from the looks of things, it's already a success.

10 Directors Who Should Dare Remake The Shining

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Pixar’s Famous Logo Is Turned Into A Horror Story In Cool Short

You'll never see the famous Pixar logo the same way again.

Zack Snyder Is Removing Chris D’ELia On Army Of The Dead, Already Found Replacement

Changes are coming!

How Chris Pratt Navigated Jurassic World Quarantine Protocols To Be There For The Birth Of His Baby

What a year to be making a movie and having a baby, Chris Pratt.

Anthony Ramos Reflects On Hamilton’s ‘Superhero’ Cast And Why He Still Can’t Believe He’s In The Disney+ Musical

The Justice League of Broadway, one might say?

Tom Cruise's The Mummy Co-Star Still Constantly Gets Questions About The Failed Movie

But Annabelle Wallis doesn't mind.

Ahead Of Scream 5, David Arquette Reveals Why Fans Have Loved The Franchise For So Long

What's left fans screaming for more?

What Is An Inclusion Rider And Why Is Michael B. Jordan Endorsing It?

What is an inclusion rider and how has it been implemented?

Ryan Reynolds Has Launched Own Streaming Service... Featuring Only One Movie

Classic Reynolds.

Mission: Impossible 7 Suffers Another Setback After Expensive Motorcycle Stunt Goes Wrong

The England set has reportedly closed down following the incident.

Russell Crowe Reveals The Surprising Reason He's So Good At Doing His Own Stunts

So that's how he does it!

Netflix's The Lost Husband Star Josh Duhamel Explains Why It’s The Perfect Time To Release The Romance Film

2020 has been a year, but at least there's Josh Duhamel's The Lost Husband.

Check Out New Godzilla Museum That Will Let You Zipline Into The King Of The Monster's Mouth

Your move Disneyland.

Why Kristen Wiig Was Shocked When She Landed Her Big Wonder Woman 1984 Role

She's a big superhero nerd.

Watch Weezer Audition For Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter In New Bill And Ted Face The Music Video

Bill and Ted Face the Music's first music video is here.

Judd Apatow Talks The King Of Staten Island, Superbad And More

Apatow has some amazing stories to share.

Jamie Foxx’s Project Power Netflix Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

Does Jamie Foxx's Project Power pack a charge, or is it a fizzled out experiment? Here's what the critics think.

Alexandra Daddario's Lost Girls and Love Hotels Trailer Is Like Fifty Shades In Japan

Behold quite possibly the steamiest Dom-Sub relationship since The Fate of the Furious.

The Batman Writer Reveals The Pressure Of Bringing The Iconic Character To Life On The Big Screen... Again

Writing The Batman is never as simple as writing The Batman.

Netflix Taking A Note From Disney+ And Streaming A Musical, But There's A Twist

Get ready for a Broadway musical adaptation on Netflix.

Disney Parks Employees Get Cool New Masks, Complete With Hidden Mickeys

Where do I get one of these?

Alamo Drafthouse Responds To Accusations Of Sexual Harassment, Poor Working Conditions

Earlier this week, Alamo Drafthouse was the subject of a deeply disturbing expose about its problematic work culture. Many current and former employees accused the company of a variety of issues including sexism, racism and sexual harassment.

How Judd Apatow’s Daughter Saved The King Of Staten Island’s Ending

Notes are very important, especially from family.

Jamie Foxx Reveals How Black Panther Paved The Way For Him To Play A Black Superhero

Without Black Panther we might not be getting Spawn.