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Tom Hanks Is Going Hard And Donating More Plasma To Help In The COVID-19 Fight

He’s a good man.

Following The Irishman, Martin Scorsese Is Returning To Streaming For New Movie

It looks like Martin Scorsese likes this whole streaming thing.

Watch Dakota Johnson Social Distance With Jimmy Kimmel In Wild Pink Outfit

The late night host and Fifty Shades star are neighbors.

Elon Musk’s X Æ A-Xii And Other Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

Some of these names are "Rad" though.

Planet Of The Apes And 8 Other Remakes That Should Not Have Seen The Light Of Day

These remakes had no business ever being green lit to begin with.

Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds’ Feud Has Now Extended To Children’s Birthday Parties

The claws are out.

How John Wick 4 Will Borrow From Parabellum, According To The Director

Waste not, want not!

Wait, Was The New Mutants Originally Going To Have Major X-Men Cameos?

Mind blown.

Ryan Gosling Has Boarded A Universal Monsters Movie

This sounds like it'll be good!

New Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Experience Will Get You Deeper Into The World Of The Park

You'll soon be able to visit Galaxy's Edge without leaving home.

3 Reasons It's Going To Be Super Difficult When Tom Cruise Films A Movie In Space

Lots of rough logistics and zero gravity is ahead for Tom Cruise's ambitious movie.

Why Disney World Had To Cancel A Bunch Of Stuff To Let People Back Into The Parks

In order to get Walt Disney World back on track. a lot of people's plans were just thrown for a loop.

Justice League’s J.K. Simmons Weighs In On The Snyder Cut Being Released

This movie could be at his tempo!

Wait, Jurassic Park Has Less CGI Than Just One Scene In Casper?

Ghosts are now officially harder to work with than dinosaurs.

Why Martin Scorsese And Leonard DiCaprio's Next Movie Is Going To Streaming

This'll be a first for these tow collaborating together.

The Borderlands Movie Just Cast Its First Star

This is a good step forward.

Hercules' Hades And 10 Other Disney Characters Who Stole The Show From The Main Heroes


Suicide Squad Director Reveals The ‘Only Battle’ He Won With The Studio

And we're glad he did.

Why The Batman Halting Production Turned Out To Be A Good Thing, According To Robert Pattinson

Talk about a silver lining.

Could DC Allow For Two Versions Of Batman In Its Film World?

Could this be our reality in the near future?

New DVD Releases 2020: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows

Here's the round-up of the latest Blu-ray, DVD and Digital releases for 2020 and when to find them.

Dark Phoenix Director Explains How The Story Could Be Properly Told With Famke Janssen

Third time's the charm.

Former Bond Girl Has Some Thoughts About Why The Role Changed In The Daniel Craig Era

Mrs. Goodnight still has thoughts about her role and the new role played by ladies in the franchise.

Bird Box 2: 5 Major Questions We Have If Bird Box Gets A Netflix Sequel

Will we see another Bird Box movie at Netflix?

Don Cheadle Is Having The Best Time Messing With Sonic Star Ben Schwartz

Don Cheadle is struggling to figure out who Ben Schwartz is... psych!

The Wild Way John Wick’s Keanu Reeves Changed The Movie’s Title

That original title is... a choice, to be sure.

Hugh Jackman Reveals Dafne Keen Wasn't Afraid To 'Bruise' Him To Land Logan Job

Note to future actors, this method of getting a job is not guaranteed to work every time.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Is Officially Happening

Gotta go fast!

Star Wars Fans Now Demanding Disney Release The Extended Revenge Of The Sith Cut

Oh look, another Star Wars petition...

The Lovebirds’ Kumail Nanjiani And Issa Rae Explain Why Addressing Race Is Important In Netflix Rom-Com

The main stars of Netflix's latest hit were also involved behind the scenes.

How Disney World Is Deciding Who Can Visit The Parks And Who Can't

If you want to visit Walt Disney World when it reopens, you'll need to get in line, before you ever get in line.

5 Attractions Walt Disney World Won't Be Bringing Back Yet When The Parks Reopen

Walt Disney World has a reopening date, but the resort won't be complete.

Why Reese Witherspoon Keeps Going When She's Super 'Overwhelmed' By Hollywood

A-List actress Reese Witherspoon is definitely open and honest.

Watch Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Still Refuse To Believe Her Daddy's In Moana

He's putting in a good effort.

Wonder Woman’s Connie Nielsen Gives Gladiator Sequel Update

Could the Gladiator sequel happen after Wonder Woman 1984?

Is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Connected To Inception? Here’s What John David Washington Says

Is Nolan preparing a crossover?

Was Ferris Bueller's Day Off Really All Part Of Cameron's Imagination? Let's Discuss

That would explain how Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane got around Chicago so quickly.

Logan Director Explains Why Hugh Jackman Didn’t Rock Wolverine’s Iconic Mask

He has some good reasons.

Chris Evans Explains Why Filming Avengers: Endgame Was So ‘Special’

It was a special for him as it was for so many fans.

Disney’s Mulan: A Complete Cast List

The live-action Mulan has put together an impressive cast.

Here's What Disney+ Is Adding In June 2020

June's Disney+ offerings include a movie that was originally designed for theaters.

Henry Cavill Could Play Superman Again, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough


Alita: Battle Angel And 15 Other Great Sci-Fi Options Streaming On HBO Max

Take your love of sci-fi to the (HBO) Max!

Chris Hemsworth Explains Why Working On Netflix's Extraction Was 'Intimidating'

They wanted to do something different.

Tenet: 6 Questions We Have About The Christopher Nolan Movie After The Latest Trailer

Let's try to feel and understand this film's mysteries.

Ben Affleck Has Already Introduced New Girlfriend Ana De Armas To His Kids With Jennifer Garner

And the dog! Don't forget the dog!

Two Jumanji Stars Are Re-Teaming For Another Action-Comedy

This is gonna be good.

Why The New Twilight Novel Is Coming This Summer, According To Stephanie Meyer

It's been a long time coming.

Where Henry Cavill's Superman Could Reportedly Appear Next In The DCEU

Up, up and away!

Joaquin Phoenix: 5 Movie And Television Appearances You May Have Forgotten About

Wait, Joaquin Phoenix was in an ABC Afterschool Special?