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25 Years Later, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, And More From The Cast Of Titanic
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Looks Like The Battle Over Anne Heche’s Estate Has Finally Been Settled
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Scream’s Jenna Ortega Teases How Tara Will Change In The Sixth Movie
Wednesday star Jenna Ortega will return for Scream 6.
Sorry, Idina Menzel, Gabrielle Union Admits Frozen Classic Is On Her Do Not Play List
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Ben Affleck Refers To Netflix As An ‘Assembly Line’ When Setting Goals For New Company With Matt Damon
In a recent Q&A addressing his new studio with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck examined the Netflix model through a rather interesting lens.
Have Anya Taylor-Joy And Charlize Theron Been In Contact Over Mad Max: Furiosa? Here’s The Latest From The Queen’s Gambit Star
The Queen's Gambit's Anya Taylor-Joy reveals if she's met Charlize Theron in the wake of playing Furiosa in the prequel to the Mad Max franchise.
Nicholas Hoult On Reuniting With Nic Cage For His Dracula Film Renfield And What Fans Can Expect From The Monster Movie
Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult reunite for the second time in the Dracula film Renfield and teases what fans can expect from it.
James Cameron Claps Back At Unfavorable Marvel And Avatar Comparison
James Cameron has thoughts on how Avatar stacks up against modern franchises.