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Top Gun: Maverick Just Took An Incredible Box Office Award Away From James Cameron's Titanic
Paramount has a massive hit on its hands with Top Gun: Maverick, and the blockbuster just grabbed another box-office highlight.
Top Gun: Maverick Is Coming Back The Theaters With Bonus Giveaways For The Fans
Top Gun: Maverick is giving fans a reason to go back to the theater one more time.
Johnny Depp's Friend Explains What Lawyer Camille Vasquez's Real Relationship With The Pirates Star Was Like, Despite Romance Rumors
Johnny Depp and his lawyer, Camille Vasquez, have been linked romantically in headlines, but a source finally sets the record straight.
Anne Heche's Ex Shares Post Following Her Car Crash Into Home, Hospitalization
While we wait for details regarding what led to Anne Heche's car crash, loved ones are sending words of support and love.
Jason Momoa Knows He Dies A Lot In Movies. How His Kid Responded The Last Time It Happened
A bunch of Jason Momoa's characters die on screen. And his kids aren't crazy about it.
Bullet Train’s Brian Tyree Henry Hilariously Recalls Being Distracted By Brad Pitt’s ‘Beautiful’ Blonde Locks While Filming
Bullet Train's Brian Tyree Henry talks about how distracting Brad Pitt's hair was while filming.
Do Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez's Kids Get Along In Their Blended Family?
New report sheds light on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's family dynamics.
Neve Campbell May Not Return For Scream 6, But Hayden Panettiere Is Back And Just Dropped A Behind-The-Scenes Pic
Scream 6 currently is filming, and a behind-the-scenes photo shows us fan-favorite Hayden Panettiere getting back into her Scream 4 vibe.
The Recent Blumhouse Horror Film That Jason Blum Admits Was ‘Terrible’
In a moment of brutal honesty, Jason Blum gave a thumbs down to one of Blumhouse's own movies.
David Spade Has Thoughts On Cancel Culture, The Chris Rock Slap And How Much Comedy Has Changed
David Spade talks not understanding cancel culture and the Will Smith/ Chris Rock incident.