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Antebellum's Janelle Monae Talks Attending Her First Red Carpet Premiere In A Face Mask

Janelle Monae's new movie had a red carpet premiere, but it was a very different sort of event.

Epic Star Wars Concept Art Shows Rey Taking On A Ton Of Stormtroopers

FOMO alert.

Now, Keanu Reeves’ Toy Story 4 Character Is The Subject Of A Disney Lawsuit

Will this lawsuit go Caboom?

What To Stream If You Love Oprah Winfrey

YOU get an Oprah binge, and YOU get an Oprah binge, and YOU get an Oprah binge...

Disney Is Moving Around Black Widow, Eternals And Some Other Huge Movies

The Mouse House is back with the calendar changes.

Star Trek: Paramount Responds To Rumors About The Franchise Ending

Here's the latest.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Streaming In October 2020

It's spooky how good October's Netflix lineup is.

Upcoming Lin-Manuel Miranda Projects: The Movies, Music, And Shows The Hamilton Star Is Involved With

If you love Lin-Manuel Miranda, here's what you can look forward to seeing in the future!

Netflix’s Enola Holmes Reviews Are In, See What Critics Are Saying

Drumroll please.

Dwayne Johnson Shares First Look On Set Back At Work On Netflix's Red Notice

He looks ready to rumble.

Why Mark Hamill And Patrick Stewart Don't Believe In The Star Wars And Star Trek Rivalry

Fans have had this fight for decades, but Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart aren't interested.

Turns Out Jurassic Park III's Villain Dinosaur Isn't Very Accurate At All

Plot twist.

Halloween Kills’ Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Set Video, And A Bucket Of Blood Is Involved

Laurie Strode forever.

What Tenet Borrowed Directly From Sean Connery’s James Bond, According To The Film’s Costumer

Clothes make the man... and the movie.

Disneyland Officials Have Made A Compelling Argument For Reopening

Disney Parks' Chairman has made his case to the state of California.

Mark Hamill Pays Tribute To Star Wars Designer Ron Cobb

One of the great production designers is no longer with us.

Jessie J Seems To Reveal Reasons For Channing Tatum Relationship Problems On New Album

Channing Tatum and Jessie J have gone to splitsville more than once.

One Disagreement J.K. Simmons Had With Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Filmmakers About His Cameo

This was one of the biggest surprises of the movie.

Upcoming Margot Robbie Movies: What The Harley Quinn Actress Has Coming Up

There's a lot coming out for this bird of prey.

Gary Oldman Has Been Hit With A Lawsuit Over Darkest Hour

Let the legal drama commence!

Netflix’s The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Trailer: Aaron Sorkin’s Latest Has An A+ Cast

Aaron Sorkin is heading to streaming.

Disneyland Animatronics Can Dance Now And My Mind Is Blown

Walt Disney Imagineering blows us away once again.

Tom Cruise’s Journey To Space For His Movie Is Getting Real

Because if anybody can really make this happen it's Tom Cruise.

Bond Villain Actor Michael Lonsdale Is Dead At 89

Another legend has left the stage of life.

Antebellum Ending Explained And Why That Wild Twist Makes Sense

We really need to dive into just what happened, and why it made sense.

New Wonder Woman 1984 Video Features Diana Prince Flying With Her Golden Wings

This looks cool!

How Rey Kenobi May Have Changed Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

In a parallel galaxy far, far away, Rey could have been the daughter of one Ben Kenobi.

One Thing Henry Cavill Was Much Better At Than Millie Bobbie Brown On The Set Of Netflix’s Enola Holmes

Henry Cavill showed a particularly strong skill on the set of the new Netflix movie.

Robert Pattinson Kept His Wild The Devil All The Time Accent Secret For A Ridiculously Long Time

You gotta hear it to believe it.

The Matrix 4’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Teases How The Franchise Is Changing

The recent Emmy winner shared his thoughts on The Matrix 4.

Martin Scorsese Pays Tribute To Michael Chapman, His Taxi Driver And Raging Bull Cinematographer

Michael Chapman recently died at the age of 84.

Justice League Actor Ciaran Hinds Responds To Snyder Cut Getting Released

Another Snyder actor weighs in.

How Netflix's Cuties Got People To Cancel, But Also Got People To Watch

A ton of subscribers clicked play on the French language film after hearing about the controversy.

Tom Cruise Is Iron Man In Epic Doctor Strange 2 Fan Art

After a wild rumor about a possible Tom Cruise cameo, we can see what he'd look like.

Tim Burton's Batman: 12 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Michael Keaton Movie

Where did Batman get all those wonderful toys?

Upcoming Horror Movies: All The Scary Movies Coming Out, From Late 2020 Through 2021

Here's what horror movies are creeping up o through to next year.

Shazam's Director Responds After Fan Gives Him A Little Flack For One Decision In The DC Movie

I’m glad he cleared things up.

Why Joel Kinnaman Couldn’t Recognize Himself While Shooting The Secrets We Keep

An intense on-set experience led to some very method anger.

Bella’s House From Twilight Is Real, And You Can Even Take A Digital Tour

No, a lurking Edward Cullen isn't included.

James Bond Fan Art Imagines Tom Hardy As 007

Would that make him 00-Venom?

Ice Cube's Biggest And Best Contributions To Movies Over The Years

Ice Cube is usually known as a musician first, and a movie star second. But did you know that he's done a lot more for Hollywood than star in Friday? Here are just a few of his contributions to movies over the years.

Turns Out A Key Godzilla Vs. Kong Contributor Is Actually A Hardcore Fan

That’s a bonus.

Jurassic World: Laura Dern And Jeff Goldblum’s Latest Update From The Set Has A Deeper Message

They need to tell you something.

Why Fantastic Beasts 3’s Eddie Redmayne Says The COVID-19 Shutdown Has Actually 'Been Helpful’ For The Film

Looking on the bright side.

Would Avengers: Infinity War’s Carrie Coon Return To The MCU? Here’s The Latest

And if so, how would they do it?

Ryan Reynolds Had An A+ Response To Dwayne Johnson Destroying His Own Gate

Classic Reynolds.

Scream 5 Star Teases How The Sequel Will Fit In The Rest Of The Franchise

What's your favorite scary movie?

Why E.L. James Is Still Surprised Fifty Shades Has Been So Popular

E.L. James reveals the reason she still has pinch me moments all the time.

After 5 Years Single, Charlize Theron Reveals What A Potential Suitor Would Need To Bring To The Table

She lays it out pretty clearly.

How The Devil All The Time Book Writer Got Involved With The Netflix Movie

The author participated in the making of the movie in a unique way.